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E in arrivo One year, one day



It was hot. Roberta went to the window and opened it. After observing the scene, returned to sit on the stool with the intention to continue painting. The radio was on and the voice of the presenter invited listeners to phone. Felt she could not continue painting. So wiped her hands with a rag soaked in white spirit. She stayed in the rest position with the rag in her hands to look at what she had painted. The presenter of the local radio station gave her no respite and insistently invited listeners to call.
Asked to hear "Sexy Sadie" by the Beatles.
She waited, but her song is not heard even a note. Then she tried again to phone.
The presenter King was evasive, while Edwige apologized that she could not fulfill the request because they had in their archives this Beatles album. Roberta was a desire for failure.

She cursed, insulted, humiliated Edwige and her radio.
She had "white", the album that contained the song Sexy Sadie, and could not stand that a radio had no copy. Edwige was patient, indeed asked Roberta to record some songs on a cassette album white, and bring it on the radio. So the other listeners could enjoy the music of the Beatles.
Roberta did not answer. It was too much. Hung up the phone with violence. She took off her white coat, and threw it away.

To wait
Be patient.

She thought the proposal that the stupid Edwige had dared to do. Right now with all the mess that's turned around, she would docile and good to record the songs of white: thirty songs, a good hour commitment.
Too Much.
She listened radio Mnemosin only because it had few commercial breaks, or even because the signal came loud and clear.
Roberta had failed to calm down. It was not just the case of paint, also because of the heat.
Passed her handkerchief on the sweaty neck.
Would do well to take a shower, but she thought it was better to postpone an hour.

She poured cold coffee in the cup, then went to relax in the garden.
Her house was a two-storey house, located on the slopes of the hill, not far from the medieval village.
Rang at the door, but she was so good I thought it was the bell of someone else.
She tried to doze off, but the sound became so strong that it can no longer ignore.
When she opened the door, was speechless. Everything would have expected that this visit not so unexpected.
John Astardi looked tired. When he sat down on the soft chair salon, he felt completely relaxed.

Roberta had not said a word. It had been a couple years since their last meeting.
"Do you want to drink? I'll take the coke? "She asked.
"Yes, thank you. A coke can fit, "said John quietly.
Roberta poured the coke in the glass and reached out. She looked into his eyes. She felt a thrill go through, and remembered that first time I met his eyes.
Roberta had then thirty-two years when she showed up for the tests; was not a girl, nor one that she was to do that job for the event. She had been lucky, or had not met the right people. But she was an actress, a good actress.
She had had a period when she worked a lot, and had also taken part in major films. Could be satisfied for what she had done and if it had become a star of the first magnitude, however, had managed to build a good economic position.
It was followed a long period of stagnation, not to work and expectations; it seemed that everyone had forgotten about her.
Working with Astardi was the highest in those times and the good fortune that had been in being choice, did not assume that it was just said that would inevitably continue to have secondary roles.
The play was well executed and Astardi was a guarantee of success; she toured Italy and perhaps would come even cinema.
And instead ... there was something else: love, passion.
"Are you okay?"
"Yup. I'm fine. I wanted to meet you. "
She looked into his eyes and reminded of their love. And to think that was a lightness to end their relationship.
A single mistake she had made, and it was the end of everything.

Roberta was at home in Rome.
John was away, out of town; would return the next day. It was a hot afternoon and warm in August of 1984. The city was empty and she did not even remember to accidents which had remained in Rome.
She was there in the bathtub to let refrigerate the bones and flesh, when she heard the phone ring. Would not want to get up, she would not want to answer, but could be John, could be her love; then, reluctantly got up from the water. Not wiped.
Instead it was Francis, her former boyfriend, the dancer with whom she had been linked to more than two years.
What did he want?
And why if they found him at home, there, next to her in the bathroom, not if it was never explained, even now.
The long towel slipped suddenly off, Francis approached. He began to touch her. Roberta felt lust melt in the mouth.
Told him to stop. She said this plan, she said it as if to say to continue, but she did not listen. Pulled her to him and put his hands on her breasts. She had a last gesture of rebellion, but Francis kissed her hard.
She liked, Shagged taste. Then slid plan.
The first kissed her neck and then down, down even more. Francis, who was leaning against the wall, pulled his fingers through her long hair blacks.  Grabbed her hair and pulled her up to bring back his lips in contact with her.     Now she was ready, now could take.
She managed to enjoy.
Roberta wore the robe, looked in the mirror: she was satisfied, she was happy, she was happy to have made love.
It had been that hot muggy.
It was the silence of the city, and then she was alone, and it was the month of August.
It was only a moment of madness, a demand of meat, nothing more. She did not love him, she loved John.
Would forget.
John was aware. She could not remember if it was him or tell him to Francesco had confessed her.
Not forgave her, but he hated her.
Roberta, when she realized that she would never work with him, she decided to quit.
John tried to make her, but could not
"Oh, do not give it. It's not your fault. Know, however, that if a year, one day you do not have a quiet harbor dock where the boat of your life, I'll be there waiting for you. "She said.
Marveled at the love that brought him Roberta. Not asked what she would do and which projects had, nor the place where they sought refuge. Asked her to call him, to phone us and write, if she wanted. Would not have bothered, indeed he would be pleased. Now felt like a friend. Comforted her and gave her courage. In his heart he feared that, left alone, could commit some nonsense. Roberta proved strong, decisive, resolute; discovered the qualities that did not previously thought to possess. She found himself in control of her life. In the early days she spent her days wandering around the city, looking at the windows of shops and visit museums and art galleries. Began to give some interest. She bought canvases and brushes. She began to paint, to throw wildly colors on the white canvas.
She went to St. Peter in Chains to see the genius of Michelangelo, to enjoy the Moses, to see the shapes and hand with the grain and the grandeur of the statue that had to shout to its creator: he speaks!
Then she decided he had to go away from Rome. She chose the place, bought the land: there would sort her home, there would be the right place to spend the rest of her life. She was happy and excited, because she saw that every day something of her was born and took shape; followed step by step further work for the construction of her home. She had done well to choose that place; there a few steps from the medieval village.
She discovered the pleasure of getting up early in the morning to go to church, in the ancient cathedral. The pleasure of hearing the sound of her footsteps as she walked through the narrow and quiet streets of the village. The pleasure to feel the peace when she was sitting in prayer in the cathedral. Imagined to see with her own eyes the women of 1400 with their medieval clothes: I wonder how many people had come to that place?
Who to pray, who to ask for grace to the Lord, for those who celebrate her marriage, who to baptize the child. The local people at first had been wary of that woman, so beautiful, so young that had snuck into their community.
They thought I should have a lot 'of sins on her conscience to serve for choosing a place so out of hand; then with the passage of time had managed to win them over: now knew them all. One by one. If someone was called by the Lord, everyone felt the loss.
That person was part of their lives; not as in large cities, where not even know the people who are on your same floor, where, maybe, your body remains in parking in the mortuary for days, waiting for a free place for burial.
Often called John, to hear his voice, to know how fared; then by the time it had faded. During Christmas and Easter, sent him a postcard on which to play, she wrote: "One year, one day"
And he replied: "One year, one day. Not now, not now. "
Roberta had not had any man, but not the suitors were missing; then, after three years since she had made the decision to drop everything, had an affair with a teacher of creative painting; Finally, around thirty-seven years, the meeting with Andrea Argot, the local doctor.
Argot was her doctor. She never went, nor had been good enough to be known when chose him as a doctor. She had always put off from day to day; she knew that she was right to do so. She always said that she would do when she would feel unwell, but, luckily for her, she had an iron constitution. She thought that he had come for her to sign some paper or some stupid bureaucratic practice.
"At last we know," said Argot, when he showed up at her house.
He loved that woman. He liked it a lot.
The courtship by Dr. Argot began blandly. As if he had fear to dare, to ask, to aspire. He went to the gift shop and antiques, that Roberta had opened a couple of years.
 The first thing I bought was a light antique, then some pictures of Roberta.
One afternoon took advantage of the absence of the order of the store to invite her to dinner.
Andrea did not displease Roberta; indeed, it was nice and felt, secretly, a little 'attraction to him.
She was not sure the point of engaging; did not want to pretend, nor delude man.
Phoned John who advised her and was near; then when he heard that they had put together, could not help but congratulate her, wishing her all the best. John with his glass in his hand approached the large window. From there we had a nice view of the new city.
He glanced at the large living room and watched things, to a stop on a large photo.
There were three naked women, taken from behind. They had not seen their faces.
Asked who were the three women of the picture.
"This, at least, you should know well," said Roberta, showing a finger with the woman at the center of the photo.
"Is that you! And already, it seemed like a face ... known ... "
Astardi asked who were the other two.
"What is on my left is Julia Bristol, the other is Eleonora Work hard."
"Faces ever seen."
"Sorry. Fine, though. All three. Change? But ... you! Are all three "bone."
"We were young then."
"But this Giulia Bristol is a foreigner?"
"I Have Not. In those days it was fashionable to use a foreign name; was more grip on the public. We were in the same board; all three decided, at any price, to break into the world of cinema. This photo was taken in 1971 on the set of an adventure film in erotic version. As you can imagine, we were together with many others. All young and beautiful: fifty. I still remember the voice of the director: put them on display in the courtyard there. Show her Italians. Enjoy people! Just go to the cinema to pay the money.
"Yeah, I remember. It was a bustle of erotic films. Bristol but this reminds me of someone. I'll have heard it somewhere. "
"This will have read in the paper. In crime. "
Astardi looked at her quizzically, but did not speak. He waited until it was Roberta explain.
"Giulia Bristol was the most beautiful, the most decisive. What we always indicated the path and the way to reach an objective. Unfortunately for her, ran into something sinister and ugly, and walked into a dark tunnel and long. "
"Yup. She began to take it to a party that a manufacturer had organized in his villa for the launch of a new film. She was gone because she needed to know people; had also brought the two of us. We did not try. We were careful. She did not. "
"Bridgehead", John said, interrupting her.
"What? Bridgehead? "
"Sure. Giulia has been for you a beachhead. As for the army when you have to try to break through an enemy position. They send the men decided to everything and with high risk of ending up in hell. If all goes well, the others go in that direction and they have all now eased, if not, change the road. In military jargon is said bridgehead. You have done the same with her. "John pointed out.
"Maybe. Was our guide. Since that night we did not busier, although we saw occasionally. Julia had left our retirement and had grown up in the home of a wealthy merchant of Rome, saying he wanted to spend his money to make her become a star of the first magnitude. We knew then that she was on the set to make love to men and women, "said Roberta a little 'angry, dropping the chair.
"Porn movies, I guess." Ruled Astardi.
"I Have Not. Not right away. It gave everyone, to all those that could guarantee somewhere. Participated in these feasts or parties of big tycoons in practice, organized orgies. The drug costs. "
"The white powder how much damage it does! "John snapped, taking from his pocket a cigarette filter white.
"I thought you quit smoking? "Asked Roberta.
"What? Ah, yes! I stopped for a few months; perhaps to prove to myself that I had the will to fight this vice. Once satisfied that there could very well, who made me do it to remain without cigarettes? So anytime I can throw them out the window. "
Roberta stood up; that face of anger, she had, thinking of Julia, was gone: it was more calm and laid. She went into the kitchen to get some cookies; took a bottle of mineral water, a bottle of bitter and two glasses. She put everything on a tray, which leaned on the cabinet bottom.
She poured the sparkling mineral water; watched the bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass. She took one breath. Her throat was dry. Although talking to John made her forget the scorching heat. Instead he was focused to burn with deep and long pull tobacco cigarette.
Roberta picked up the phone and ordered a big dinner at the restaurant the golden swan; asked the home service. After smoking up the butt, John poured into glasses bitter and handed one to Roberta; then waited.
"In the late 80s, Julia went to porn. You've never seen a movie of Julia? "Asked Roberta unexpectedly.
He was not expecting that question, mumbled something, then candidly admitted that he had seen a lot 'of porn movies, perhaps in one of these could also be Giulia.

"I do. I saw a film by Julia. I saw how she worked, "she paused, then continued." I will not give you a detailed account of what she did in the movie. I just want you to understand that you could see that the things she made her reluctantly. There was a contrast, a strong contrast between Julia and her workmate. This was good: was good for love. Giulia ... no, she was not capable. She made love so apathetic, as in a state of duress. "
"I hope, at least, I've got a lot 'of money."
"Yup. It has taken. She made only three porn movies. Then, I do not know, I think that manufacturers have not wanted to risk more. And then! ... Without money and with drugs that will corrode the soul, what do you do? "
"Make a beautiful robbery," concluded John, lighting another cigarette.
"Not really. Thefts and muggings. Was taken. Doomed. Luckily she had the conditional. But it was lost. I convinced her to go to a detoxification center, in a therapeutic community. Something of money I gave them data too. The treatment seemed to be fine. Giulia stand it out of the tunnel of drugs. Then boom!
"How ... boom?"
"A gunshot wound to the brain. She has made over: a moment, a moment and boom. "
Roberta repeated this last word, keeping both hands on the cheeks and tightening the legs in a gesture of annoyance. As if she was there, near Giulia, at that precise moment when her friend was pointing the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.
"I'm sorry. Did not go well. I'm sorry, "said John.
For a few minutes there was silence in the room .; then Roberta, to ward off that air sad abode in the air, asked him to guess who the other.

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Pompei, riapre dopo un restauro di due anni la Villa dei Misteri. Franceschini: "Oggi è una giornata importante"Pompei, riapre dopo un restauro di due anni la Villa dei Misteri. Franceschini: "Oggi è una giornata importante"Una grande notizia. Finalmente si possono vedere le meraviglie della Villa dei Misteri a Pompei, dopo un restauro di due anni. Il nostro ministro non dimentica la Reggia di Carditello ed ha un occhio particolare alla reggia di Caserta, la più bella del Mondo. Affascinante , mitica inarrivabile. Queste sono solo alcune delle bellezze che la nostra regione la CAMPANIA   vanta in campo artistico, umanistico, teatrale di posti , ambienti mare monti davvero straordinari. non per niente gli antichi romani dimoravano a  Capri o a Baia posti di pace e di salute mentale. A proposito la donna piegata sulle ginocchia della matrona era stata punita perchè aveva letto questo  ebook lascivo vai go to read  C'E' OPLONTI CON LA VILLA DI POPPEA.
Villa di PoppeaLa villa è grandiosa per qualità degli affreschi ed è adorna di numerose sculture. E' stata attribuita a Poppea Sabina, seconda moglie dell'imperatore Nerone. Visitatele e buon divertimento  In tutto questo non dimenticatevi di me COMPRA Donne-Cortigiane-e-Regine-