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CAUTION was released ebook "A pizza with the queen."

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preview of the ebook "A pizza with the queen."

Garibaldi presents itself to me as we have always seen on school books : with beard , red shirt , and slightly stooped , his hands resting on the large saber.
I'm in an aristocratic house in the province of Nuoro, Sardinia .
The general, having established that he had a great impact from that show her against the front door, is approaching.
He takes his sword and slams hard on the table.
She looks at me as if to say I scared , huh!
" Mr. Garibaldi ...", begin by .
I stop. Garibaldi murderous glances at me .
Wait a minute. Here I am asking the questions  , " exclaims Giuseppe Garibaldi, beating a strong fist on the table.
It is what it must have a lot of anger in the body.
Was dumb .
Peppino you look at his right hand, which is all flushed . The hurts. Resistant to pain. Certainly can not show that he is human .
I encourage a painkiller . Peppino looks at me puzzled, and thinks that with an ointment Sardinian everything can be smooth .
"I'm fine . Nothing happened . "He says.
She takes off her hair and puts it on the table. He has his sweaty forehead .
Enter the room his last lover, a French woman . This comes up and looks at the hand reddened . She takes him aside and advised him to put a bandage.
" A bandage ? And that figure shit we do . That, the journalist , will let you know in the world. Let me finish the interview and then talk about it . "
" Do as you like . At least , you do not have dried a good look . " Suggests that the French leave the room.
Garibaldi, after drying and adjusted her hair , it is considered ready .
"I heard of Francis II of Bourbon and of his claims . He seems to want a statue in the niche of the Royal Palace in Naples at the expense of Vittorio Emanuele II. And I with a thousand ? "
" They were just a thousand ? " , I ask , unable to curb my tongue and with the risk of taking some saber in his face.
In contrast, however, Don Peppe proves very patient.
" Oh, very much! No, we were a thousand and one. The latter we have thrown overboard , when we made the counts. Joke , of course. We were one thousand and ninety . You will understand that it would be difficult for students to say the shipment of one thousand and ninety . If you knew how many times, before embarking , we made counts. We have attempted to discard these ninety plus, citing various excuses . With Nino we have tried to kill foreigners. We did not want the world to say that we had conquered the kingdom of the Two Sicilies with the help of the natives . Foreigners were only nine and among them was my son Menotti . We could not . "
Garibaldi takes a breath . It takes a jug of red wine and pours a bit ' in the glass.
He drinks without even a bit ' of manners
He does not care if his interviewer had thirst . Then continue.
" We discard the Lombards . I suggest Nino . But even so we walked round figure . In fact we went under a dozen , and then the shipping would have been nine hundred and ninety of . Bixio then advised me to let it go. " Let's say that we were in a lot, so who do you want us contexts . " He said.
 And so I accepted. We were a thousand . Students can smile. "
"They were three hundred . They were strong and beautiful ... ", I lose to say .
Garibaldi takes it as an insult and begins to scream and beat his fists on the table. Round and round the room. He runs his hand over his face . She looks at me in a threatening tone as if to say . For your sake I have slain his hands.
After a while , the anger vented , begins to speak again .
" You got it ! Now I do not count a cabbage. I that I have done a bunch like that. The landing at Marsala , with all the mess to get there. The Battle of Calatafimi , and then on the Aspromonte and the battles in Campania . I, who have done a thousand battles , I have not even a statue. And what the hell ! We are men or not! "
" In fact , Mr. General, there is a statue in Naples , specifically in the square named after her . "
" Do not make me laugh. In that square ! But what do they put in there. I'm looking at the Rinascente ? And then with all those machines , I turn around , do you think the Japanese or American, when it arrives at the station, sneaks  between the machines to see my statue ? "
'Well ' , he's right . They could put it in front of the Central Station of Naples with a little ' of green around . "
" Oh, do not put meat to cook . I want the statue in the parlor of Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito . I want the place of Vittorio Emanuele II. At the bottom of who is who conquered the kingdom of Naples ? "
" You, General . "
" So what! Vittorio Emanuele II has made only a walk up to Teano . The place in the niche of Piazza Plebiscito for me . And 'I just do it. Say it , say it loud to the competent organs . Well , the interview is over. "
I'm going to go away, when ...
" Guagliò ! ( Young ) is not that you've forgotten something ? "He asks in a gentle manner Garibaldi.
" Ah , yes! The gift . "
I put on the table a glowing stone of Vesuvius, placed in a thermal flask .

And , before Don Peppe ( instinctive is) take the stone in his hand , I close the door quickly and run .

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