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before the day starts



by Raffaele Crispino SYNOPSIS

The meeting between Vittorio (a very famous writer no longer in his early youth) and Sergio (apparently just a promising young writer) took place early in the morning.

Vittorio, who already knows this will be his last day, is going to encourage Kavin to follow him through his memory places. He offers him his life, a life he's lived and which is made of good and bad things. Together with Kavin he'll walk around Rome, and will take him to Ostia station in order to show him the poverty and the degradation of the human being. He' 11 show him the flat where he stayed the first time he arrived in that town.

He'll   bring  him  back   in  time,   will   drag  him  into   his life,  into his soul,  into his mind. Kavin,  with the passing of time,  will learn to appreciate the places,  the people Vittorio has known and will condemn someone else. He'll also hate Vittorio with all his might because of his cynicism, and will pity him for all the pain and sorrows he's suffered. He'll love Monica and envy Vittorio for all the pleasures he's felt with her. Vittorio spends the whole day with Kavin until they return back to his house late at night.
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